Cyber Defence Exercise 2018

Over the weekend, I improved my l33t h4ck3r sk1llz considerably, by attending the Cyber Defence Exercise (CDX) 2018, at the University of Glasgow, organised by members of the Glasgow University Tech Society (GUTS). The Event CDX is essentially a cyber warfare simulation in the style of a hackathon. There are three groups of hackers that … Continue reading Cyber Defence Exercise 2018

DDD Scotland 2018

On Saturday the 10th of February, I attended the long awaited and highly anticipated DDD (Developer Developer Developer) Scotland event at the UWS Paisley campus! What is DDD Scotland? DDD Scotland is a free conference for developers to sink their teeth into and learn lots of fantastic information provided by various talks and events throughout … Continue reading DDD Scotland 2018

Why are Female Role Models Important in today’s Tech Industry?

People pursue careers or hobbies of their choice for many different reasons, but a lot of these reasons boil down to seeing somebody talented doing something amazing, and wanting to achieve something on the same scale themselves. This can be seen in many different activities, such as sport, writing, playing video games, and even development! … Continue reading Why are Female Role Models Important in today’s Tech Industry?