About Me

def basicInfo(name, age):
    print ("Name: " + name)
    print ("Age: " + str(age))

def work(university, year, organisation, press):
    print ("Univeristy: " + university)
    print ("Year: " + year)
    print ("Organisation: " + organisation)
print ("Press articles: " + press)

def otherInfo(hobbies, favourite_language):
    print ("My hobbies include: " + hobbies)
    print ("My favourite programming language is: " + favourite_language)

def main():
    basicInfo("Becca Liddle", 19)
    work("University of Glasgow", "Third year", "Women in Tech Scotland", "Code First Girls Ones To Watch 2018")
    otherInfo("Gaming, listening to music, playing pool, and reading", "Python, as you can probably already tell!")