Le Tour du Hack 2018

Over the weekend, I had the amazing opportunity to attend Enusec‘s Le Tour du Hack 2018 at the Edinburgh Napier University’s Craiglockhart Campus, through a sponsorship. The event was a CTF (capture the flag) in the style of tours, where we would be set challenges and have a certain amount of time to solve them.

The Challenges

Challenges were created and given to us by sponsors Splunk, ECS IT, Lloyds Banking Group, Secarma, Checkpoint Software, and even Enusec themselves!

There were a variety of different tasks associated with each challenge, and ultimately it was near impossible to solve them all in the time limit given.

There were many beginner friendly challenges as well as more advanced challenges for people that were experienced. Since this was my first CTF, I definitely learned a lot and my team and I managed to even finish up at 2nd place on day 1, winning Lloyd Banking Group’s challenge.

A lot of the challenges that I managed to solve were to do with decryption, getting a shell on a website, viewing source code, scanning sites to see hidden directories and files, etc. There were also many challenges involving image stenography, which I unfortunately could not solve, but I’m keen to learn for next year!

Overall Experience

As an event as a whole, the experience was amazing. It was not only the challenges that made the event fun, but also the social events, meeting new people and working with them, learning a lot of new things and just being in a new and different place for an event.

I will definitely be brushing up on my security skills when I get some free time, and will be attending events like this as often as I can!