DDD Scotland 2018

On Saturday the 10th of February, I attended the long awaited and highly anticipated DDD (Developer Developer Developer) Scotland event at the UWS Paisley campus!

What is DDD Scotland?

DDD Scotland is a free conference for developers to sink their teeth into and learn lots of fantastic information provided by various talks and events throughout the day lead by people that, more often than not, work in the industry as a developer.

The event was organised by a fantastic team of people from Scottish Devs, who done an amazing job of making sure that the event went smoothly.

The Day Itself

Throughout the day, there were periods of four different sessions running simultaneously, with breaks in-between for lunch, coffee breaks, and socialising. Although I wish I could have attended all of the sessions, I have highlighted the agenda below to show the sessions that I attended throughout the day.


The sessions that I attended were all very informative, welcoming, and discursive. Focus was based on improving the knowledge of the growing community of developers, which can be easily seen from observing the names of different sessions, with keywords such as: “interactive”, “accessibility”, “employable”, “learning”, “progressive”, and “career”. The organisation of the event also made efforts to improving diversity within attendees, offering 20 tickets to members of Ladies of Code, and having many female speakers throughout the day.

If you were unable to attend and would like to see content that was delivered at the sessions, some slides/transcripts from talks are available online ,and some talks were recorded specially by Product Forge, and will be available to watch. There is a link on the website of the event to the sessions that took place on the day here. You should try your best to find out moreĀ  if you want to greatly improve your development skills!

Learning from people in the industry when you are a student is invaluable. You cannot ask for a better space to learn and interact than with the people attending, than a conference such as DDD Scotland. There is a ton of career advice available, and people that were in the same position as you at some point are always willing to help and answer any questions you have. Who needs a mentor when you have a community and events like this, huh?!


The tech community in Scotland is open to helping include everybody that they can into the already amazing group of people that have came together from different backgrounds and sectors. This was seen by people talking/asking about various challenges that women face in the tech industry, how we can tackle said challenges, and how we can improve accessibility within tech for people with disabilities.

Conferences are a lot of work! They are hard to organise, get sponsors for, get speakers for, and get attendees for! If you are organising an event on a scale this big, you have to have companies and people to back you, otherwise the event would be a failure. It is majorly important to have a great team of organisers around you, that you can rely on to do their best to help out with all of the work to be done.

The community of tech enthusiasts and developers is ever-growing and this growth will (hopefully) not come to an end any time soon.

Sponsors are amazing and I would like to give a massive thank you to Jetbrains for supplying me with a one year license, and Simple Programmer for supplying me with a t-shirt! I won both of these items through tweeting about the event using the #DDDScotland, and being involved a random raffle that all attendees were entered into.

Finally, everybody should get a chance to attend a conference and learn amazing things while also experiencing how fun, informative and social they are! If you haven’t attended a conference before or just want to attend more, make sure you don’t miss DDD Scotland 2019.