How to Start a Blog?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about how I should start a blog. It’s always something that I’ve wanted to do to get my voice out there and just be heard on a bigger scale than just social media such as Twitter. So, naturally, I put out a tweet asking for people’s advice! I had lots of fantastic replies and the majority of them were something along the lines of “just do it!” So, that’s what I’m here to do.

I love keeping up to date with everything going on in the tech industry, whether it’s going to as many events as I can or just reading articles online. Because of that, I figured that a blog would be the perfect place to express my views and opinions on things happening in the industry, things I’m interested in, and projects that I’ve been working on myself.

I guess that leaves me to introduce myself: for everybody that doesn’t already know me, I’m Becca. I’m a third year Computing Science student at the University of Glasgow, and I’m the head organiser for Women in Tech, Scotland! I’ve been living in Glasgow and trying to get as involved as possible in the ever-expanding community of techies here since 2015, and I’ve loved every second of it.

As a student, I find that I learn a lot more from attending events such as hackathons, lean coffees and conferences than I ever could in a classroom! Which is another reason why I’ve been inspired to start a blog; many of the amazing people I meet and learn from at these events have blogs of their own and use them as their creative spaces outside from work for a variety of different things.

Hopefully the things I post here will be as well received as other bloggers that I’ve seen. Stay tuned for some content coming soon!